An article I just read titled “My Kids are not an Inconvenience (for you)” pretty much sums up my point. Parents believe because they love their children that gives them permission to take the kids everywhere.

Huff Post News Contributor Jessica Johnston, proclaims that “Kids are a part of life…period. In my opinion, they bring a lot of sunshine and joy to the world. I know I like mine.” I can assure Ms. Johnston her children do not bring joy into my life.

Ms. Johnston states “A baby in an airplane who is screaming is not ‘annoying you’ and making your flight terrible, it’s a lot worse for the baby and for the parents than it is for you.” Wow! Forget about the other 150 to 200 people on the plain. It’s all about her.

And perhaps the most reveling statement Ms. Johnston makes is “Kids are a normal part of society; it’s always been that way. You are not actually entitled to a child-free life.” Which is the whole point of my website. This attitude that parents have that they are the only one that matters and child-free people have no rights.

Source: HuffPost Article

Note Added 27 Oct. 2017:  When I commented on this article on HuffPost I copied most of the article and pasted it in the comments.  My comment was removed.  I am not surprised.  The last thing parents want to hear is someone does not like their kids.  I assume the monirator on HuffPost is a parent and removed my comment.  So much for freedom of speech. I guess I am not allowed the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.