The Child Free Zone
Save The World. Stop Having Kids!

What’s it to you if some people don’t have kids?

World Childless Week was created by a British woman, Stephanie Phillips, as a way of highlighting the experiences of people who are unable to have children. Not to be confused with those who are childless by choice – the “child-free”, as some say.

Seemingly worlds apart, they share a vexed similarity. Of course, most people each group encounters are probably just interested and kind. Less helpfully, the childless can sometimes find themselves tormented by invasive, agonizing questions, while the child-free can end up being ruthlessly interrogated about the “strange” decision they’ve made.

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I Chose Not to Have Kids. Here’s How I Made My Decision

Two years ago I was lounging on a raft on a lake with one of my best friends, Sara. She handed me a fresh beer and asked if I wanted to have kids. I took a swig and said, “Only if we plan to get pregnant at the exact same time.” We giggled at the absurd idea. Within a year, she popped out twins, and I made the decision not to have any babies. Yes, ever.

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