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Should Airlines Have Childfree Flights?

I just read an article titled “Should Aussie Airlines Be Offering Child Free Zones On Planes?”.  This is one of those areas in life where a Child Free Zone does not work.  What good is it if the small section you are sitting in does not allow children if there are children just a few rows in front of you or behind you?

I guess it is better than nothing. If the airline can guarantee minimal noise, soft ambient lighting and fast meal services I think it might would be worth the thirty nine dollar extra fee. However I have my doubts.  If you are bothered by children will the airline offer you a refund?  Not likely.

If they are going to offer a truly child free experience there needs to be some sort of partition blocking the potential noise kids make.  A crying baby in the last row of seats can be heard by the passengers in the first row.

It is probably not possible to have entire flights booked with child free people.  The airline needs to sell every seat on the plain, especially budget flights.  It is an issue that needs to be addressed.  Certainly parents need to take there kids with them on trips but does everyone on the plain have to be inconvenienced by loud children?

The two airlines mentioned in the article on offering Child Free Zones are AirAsia and Qantas