The Child Free Zone
Save The World. Stop Having Kids!

Denise Felkin Photographer

‘I label myself as child-free’ – the photographer Denise Felkin on her ‘Mum’s Not The Word’ project. My photographic series challenges the negative idea that childless women are selfish, says Denise Felkin.

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“Getting to the essence of a personality, a place or an event is at the heart of what I do.”

I am a British photographer currently working in London, Brighton and Essex. My photography migrates between creative portraiture and documentary photography. I am driven by research led projects and collaborate with my subjects to create cutting edge images that speak out about current issues, to reveal a truthful voice, and promote unity, equality and compassion.

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BLAIR LARAE, seen on right, A character on The Facts of Life inspired my parents to name me Blair. I lived in a small town in Illinois until accepting a university scholarship moved me to Oklahoma.

During my college years I learned a lot about life, a lot about God, and enough about marketing to get a degree – and later a position in Development for a non-profit medical organization.

The years between then and now have been filled with both joy and sorrow; more grief than I expected in a lifetime, and beautiful restoration beyond what I deserve.

My husband Travis and I currently live in Texas with our three dogs: Winnie – a black Pomeranian with lots of (sometimes too much) personality, Moxie – The. Sweetest! and sleepiest little Yorkie, and Linlee – a playful black and white Shih Tzu puppy.

While dating and first married, Travis and I were certain we wanted to raise children. But, now we’re not so sure. Our mindset has changed from deciding WHEN we’d have kids to deciding IF we’ll have kids.

I like to call our status: certainly uncertain. We’re certain we don’t have a desire to parent right now. But we’re uncertain of what the future holds – and want to remain open to life as it happens.

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