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I knew a long time ago I was never going to be a parent. Even as a child I did not care for children. I avoided playing with the kids on the block unless they had a baseball game going on. Most of the time you could find me hanging out with the adults.

Being born in the late 1950s my formative years were the 60s and 70s. This is the time when people started to become aware of over population, pollution and the limited resources of our planet. It made me aware that having more children would only add to the worlds problems. By the age of 10 I had decided to be child-free.

Throughout the years as my family and friends grew up, got married and had kids I grew farther apart from them. It is not like I hate children. I am fine with people having a “Small” number of kids, one or two. It is when people like my cousin having four kids and another having five, that’s when I have an issue.

As many child-free people can attest to, we are singled out as being strange, weird or odd. Mostly we are called selfish. I see it as exactly the opposite. The average carbon footprint for one person is about 9 metric tons a year. If you have five kids that’s 45 tons a year. Not to mention the strain on the Eco system to produce food, clothing, housing, education, clean water and all of the other things a human needs to live. Who is being selfish? People having large families.

What has become a problem in the United States over the past 40 years is the proliferation of children in all areas of life. Some businesses are entirely inappropriate for children. Casinos, taverns, bars, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, smoke shops, marijuana shops and festivals, sex shops, etc. yet parents are bringing their children into these businesses. In my opinion these businesses should be allowed if not required to have a “Child Free Zone” notice on the front door.

The end result of this is we Childfree don’t go out to public places as often, if at all. We the people with the most disposable income are not spending our money. Families who live on a tight budget are going out and buying the cheapest products and services available and running off the Childfree customers.

If a business wants to have children that should be their choice. If a business does not want to have children that also should be their choice. The key phrase here is “Freedom of Choice”. Businesses should have the freedom to choose. Customers should have the freedom to choose to do business with a restaurant, bar, theater or any other place that will provide a Child-Free environment.

What we need here in the United States are places where adults can go that are mainstream. I have nothing against sex shops, casinos or NC-17 movies but I don’t want to hang out in them just to be in a kid free environment. It would be nice to see a movie or enjoy a meal or have some stimulating conversation in a coffee house without someones crying baby or young children running around unattended ruining the experience. We need Child Free Zones, Places designated for adults and even older children 16 years old an up.

The main problem, as I see it anyway is, the child-free community. If you can even call us a community. What I see and have experienced on the Internet and social media is hundreds or even thousands of groups of child-free people reaching out to tell their story but none of them willing to work together on any level.

Everyone seems to be striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over other child-free groups in order to be the best group while in effect canceling each other out. Going in to a group on Facebook and making almost any kind of statement usually gets you flamed by several people who find the smallest of points to argue about. This in my option accomplishes nothing. What we have to do is bond together.

There is no problem with everyone keeping there own groups but we need to develop a plan. I believe that having child-free zones and even child-free times for public businesses is a real possibility. It can be done if we work together. It will require three levels of activism.

  1. Business Level: I believe many businesses are willing to be a Child Free Zone or having child-free times or even child-free events if they could be assured they would have the customers to make it worth their while. This is where small local child-free groups can really help. By going out and talking to local businesses like restaurants, coffee houses and sports bars and asking them to have child-free times and events.
  2. Government Level: This is where we all need to work together and demand children be banned from certain inappropriate businesses like casinos, taverns, bars, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, smoke shops, marijuana shops and festivals, sex shops, etc. Contact your local City, State and County representatives, Contact your United States Senators and U.S. House representatives
  3. Parent Level: Many parents would like to be able to go out and enjoy a child-free evening too. Parents are not the enemy and we are going to need their help with our goals. We need to win their hearts and minds over to our cause. Talking down to them or calling them names like “breeders” does not help.

Throughout the years I have started four websites and as many groups on social media trying to get something done. I have had no success. I have decided to try again, I am committing myself to this new project with all of me heart and soul and I am not going to stop until I see some real progress in creating some child-free opportunities for people to be able to go out and enjoy themselves without having to raise other peoples children.

I am asking you to join with me. Come and be part of the solution. Post what you are doing on my website. It does not matter what level you are at, You can be an ordinary person, a social media group administrator or member, someone who writes books about child-free or any other child-free advocate.

Please keep in mind If you do not agree with this rational, modern, and well-informed outlook, please go elsewhere. This is not a discussion about whether people should or should not be child free. Our members all agree that this is the best lifestyle for us and other opinions are not welcome. The website will be moderated and every effort will be taken to keep out the trolls. The website is for child-free advocates only. is my newest and last website for the child-free. Our mission is dedicated to finding ways for businesses to have the right to serve the clientele they desire and to include the child-free as customers through either having Child Free Zones or having child-free times or events.

Please join us by becoming a Member,  You can contact me there on our Contact page.  If you have a ChildFree page, website, blog or whatever please feel free to Add a Link to our ChildFree Links Page.

Vern Southern,
Denver Colorado.